12. ledna 2016

Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic - Duel Scenario

AoW: Shadow Magic Simple Duel Scenario - Ruins of Amul    >DOWNLOAD<

- can be played single or multiplayer
( for singleplayer: opponnent AI should be emperor, to survive independent attackers )
- compatible with Steam AoW:SM ( vanilla )
- can be played for Arianne ( archon side ) and Phobius ( human side ) as well
- balanced ( but Phobius may be slightly easier for beginners )
- scenario is battle & conjuration oriented, ( no city leveling )
- no story, just fight
- can be win 2 ways: kill opponent or rebuild ruins of Amul

Installation for Steam:
- Browse local files ( right mouse on game in Steam ) and find Scenario-Custom folder.
( C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Age of Wonders Shadow Magic\Scenario\Custom )
- Paste donwloaded "Amul.ahm" there
- Play Amul in scenario selection

Tested on Steam AoM:SM : version

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